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Hampshire , South East



Jo Goodman , I undertook a 12 session coaching programme with Felicity and it has genuinely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Felicity's coaching style very much enables you to explore things openly and honestly, and have conversations that you've previously found quite challenging or daunting to have even with yourself! The programme enabled me to consider the things I valued, enjoyed and was good at, and take a systematic approach to establish how I could move forward in my career. Although I suppose I could say most of the things I discovered on the programme were things I already knew on some level, the programme really helped to bring things to the fore, to reconsider my current situation, and look at how I could take things further. On the day after my last session with Felicity, I had an interview for a job I would never have considered even applying for 6 months' earlier, and a few days later I discovered that I had got it. I really couldn't have done this without Felicity's time, support and understanding and for that I am eternally grateful.